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About Us

PREP Technologies is a web development company specializing in bringing new and intelligent ways of getting businesses online and establishing their online presence.We are focused on helping our clients to find the best possible solution to their web development needs so that they reach a much wide range of audiences. The team of young professionals, design experts and hardwired programmers make this web design house a perfect choice for businesses that are looking for new innovative solutions in the market.

Who We ARE?

PREP Technologies started as a small team of young entrepreneurs and professionals from top academic institutes, dedicated to bringing businesses and SMEs all kinds of web development and design solutions. Having clients in Asia, America and other continents PREP Technologies operates and outsources services to clients to all parts of the world.
We strive on using latest tools and web technologies and best practices by bringing in local and foreign talent into our design house. We carefully select young and talented designers, programmers and artists in our team who put in their efforts to give our clients more than their expectations. Most of our team members have excellent academic and professional background who love what they do and think straight on creativity.

What We do?

We are artists with programming and web development skills and we do nothing but something creative. We will review and evaluate all aspects of your business, conduct research of your competitors in the market, discover ways of achieving goals which will make your business strategy more effective than your competitors and complete the job that will bring a smile on your face.

Our Vision

We believe that our team of young and talented entrepreneurs, creative designers and programmers can help businesses achieve their goals by giving them services that are tailored just for them. We envision ourselves as one of leading design and web development houses in coming years that can help you stay on the right track and provide you with web development expertise you exactly need to achieve your goals. By creating the right pool of talented professionals with excellent academic background we will become one of leading web development and design houses in the region in near future.

Our Mission

To become the first priority of businesses, startups and SMEs by delivering exactly the right kind of services and expertise they need to achieve their goals, and become a leading web development and design house in the region.

OUR specialization


Every business needs to have a web presence with a complete business portfolio website. With a creative and effective design, an online business website can work as your second office.
PREP Technologies can help you with all kinds of web development projects whether you need an online business portfolio, want to start a new social network or just want have an online presence you can leave the job to PREP Technologies.


Mobile and remote applications have become an important mean of communication. It is essential for businesses and startups to stay in touch with their customers through remote applications for better marketing and sales.
Our web and mobile application development team can help you design apps that will represent your business and help your customers stay updated. The possibilities in remote applications are endless and there are numerous ways to make an app work for you.


SEO is the one of the most essential parts of online contents as it is responsible for bringing in visitors from around the web. Without it nobody will be able to notice your presence and a properly laid SEO strategy can give your business a tremendous boost in sales.
SEO also makes online marketing much more effective, but it requires a team of SEO specialists and online marketing experts, who you are guaranteed to find at PREP Technologies. You can leave all your contents and marketing tasks to us because we will use the best team we can find to complete the job.


WordPress is a powerful and easy to use CMS that let businesses reduce their webmaster works and focus more on online marketing and sales management. With years of experience and plenty of experimental works under the belt PREP Technologies can design customized themes that work just for you.
It is important to have an effective theme and design elements with search engine friendly contents in order to make yourself visible to online users, and project the right message to your customers, and with PREP Technologies you can rest in your couch while we do all the work.